Image of The Original Charleo "Jeans Jacket" Image of The Original Charleo "Jeans Jacket"

The Original Charleo "Jeans Jacket"

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  • S - $110.00
  • M - $110.00
  • L - $110.00
  • XL - $110.00
  • 2XL - $110.00
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If we could bottle style (or swag) up and sell it, this is how the bottle would be shaped! Pick any tee (preferably one from The Original Charleo Co), choose any pants, then throw this jacket on...and your ready!!! Done on an Authentic Levi Gold Label Jacket for all-day comfort and authentic style

• Button closure
• Premium flex denim
• Side hem adjusters and side pockets
• Unique fabric varies in color due to wash, finish, and dye
• Unisex Sizing